Claw Clipping Tips

Claw Clipping and Maintenance

Regular Claw Clipping Will Prevent Discomfort To Your Furry Friend… And You (And Your Furniture!)

Like human nails, our feline friends claws grow continuously. If your cat is an outdoor cat, the likelihood is that claw clipping won’t be needed; outdoor activities such as tree climbing and digging help keep nails at a reasonable length! However, for indoor cats, kittens and the older pet amongst them, claws can easily become overgrown. This can cause your cat huge discomfort, growing into the pads or risk of tearing, which might also lead to infection.

Trimming your cat’s claws for the first time can be a daunting task. You must pay every care to not trim them too short as there are blood vessels located at the base of the claw. As well as this, your cat could become distressed and fidget making the task even more difficult.

Tips for Claw Clipping

  • Pick a time when your cat is relaxed
  • Ensure a peaceful, well lit location (with no time pressure!)
  • Either placing your cat on your lap or on a table, have him/her face away from you. If your cat is a little nervous, you can always wrap them in a towel, like burrito!
  • On the first paw, gently press the top of each toe to extend the claw. Be gentle!
  • The bit you’ll need to trim will be transparent. Examine the claw carefully – you’ll see the blood vessel (quick) in the centre – avoid this!
  • Do not struggle with your cat – if they become stressed, stop and try again at another time
  • Work your way around the claws…. good luck!

An Alternative Option

If you can’t face the trauma of struggling with your cat or a little nervous about doing it, Suma Farm Cat Hotel offers a claw clipping service in their grooming facility. You can either add this on to your booking with us and we’ll do it during your cat’s stay, or you can pop in a we’ll do it for you.

We also offer other cat grooming services that include bathing, face and ear cleaning, brushing, and clipping (lion cuts, matt removal etc.)

Suma Farm Grooming

Suma Farm Grooming Facilities

Advice from the Suma Farm Grooming experts

Grooming plays a vital part in the happiness and health of your pet. Not only does it create a great bonding experience between you and your cat, it is also the perfect opportunity to complete health checks on your cat. A busy lifestyle can often mean grooming is not as regular, so let the Suma Farm grooming team help keep your cat’s coat in tip top condition.

It is a myth that your cat does not need help to maintain its coat.

A cat’s coat gets extremely greasy, especially if they are outdoor cats and like to forage through the undergrowth. You’ll also often find traces of saliva, dander, dust and external parasites. Nice!

Knots and mats form in long haired cats (and quite often in short hair too) – these matted areas slowly tighten and can cause sensitivity or soreness underneath. Grooming and handling your cat regularly will, in the long term, avoid vets fees, sedation costs, health issues and overall stress.

Why not utilise the Suma Farm Grooming Facilities during your cat’s next stay?

Our trained grooming staff can groom short haired, semi-long haired and long haired cats in a variety of styles and cuts. We have plenty of techniques to ensure your cat enjoys the experience and doesn’t get stressed.

Not only will your cat look (and smell) great, they’ll also benefit from:

– Improved circulation throughout the skin and coat

– A visual health check – catching any signs of ill health in early stages and improve good health

– The removal of unwanted hair and debris – all coat types

– Prevention of fur balls – which can cause intestinal blockages

– Good bonding time – Your cat will enjoy this contact as cats love human companionship

Wet bathing is the easiest way to keep your cat knot free and 98% of cats enjoy it

Ask about our Suma Farm Grooming when you book in for your next stay with us.