Claw Clipping

Looking After Your Cat’s Claws

Like human nails, our feline friend’s claws grow continuously. Left to grow, there is a possibility that they could pierce the cat’s pads as they do not grow straight but curved.

Cats that spend a lot of time outside tend not to need their claws trimmed as often as house cats. During their activities outside such as climbing trees and walking on hard surfaces their nails get slightly worn down.

Trimming your cat’s claws for the first time can be a daunting task. You must pay every care to not trim them too short as there are blood vessels located at the base of the claw. As well as this, your cat could become distressed and fidget making the task even more difficult.

If you would like to avoid the hassle and stress of doing this yourself, we offer a cat nail trimming service at our cattery in Surrey. For the small price of £9 for one cat and £15 for two, during their stay with us or even if you would just like to pop in we can do it in our cat spa.

We also offer other cat grooming services that include bathing, face and ear cleaning, brushing, and clipping (lion cuts, matt removal etc.)

All of this is carried out by our trained staff in our fully equipped cat grooming spa at Suma Farm Cat Hotel in Surrey.

Short Haired Cat Grooming

Why Groom Your Cat?

Grooming your cat plays a vital part in the happiness and health of your pet although it is often missed out. Not only does it create a great bonding experience between you and your cat, the grooming session can become a time to complete health checks on your cat and also keep their coat in tip top condition.

It is a myth that your cat does not need help to maintain its coat.

A cats coat gets extremely greasy especially if they are outdoor cats and like to hide under cars….. The coat is also covered with saliva from the cat licking itself, dander, debris and external parasites. Grooming can play a vital role as there are such a lot of long haired varieties, older cats and ones suffering from ill health. It is essential that your cat is groomed and handled regularly to avoid vets fees, sedation costs, health issues and stress. Knots and mats form in long haired cats and sometimes in short haired too if you are only brushing occasionally or only brushing part of the cat. These matted areas slowly tighten, usually causing raw sores below. In the end this is excruciatingly painful for a cat.

We aim to help you with maintaining your cats coat condition and to keep them in top condition. We groom short haired, semi long haired and long haired cats and have many techniques and styles to suit you and your cat.

Here are some of the benefits of our grooming sessions:

– Improves circulation – Throughout the skin and coat

– Good time for a health check – Catch any ill health in early stages and improve good health

– Removes unwanted hair and debris – Of all coat types

– Prevents fur balls – Which can cause intestinal blockages

– Good bonding time – Your cat will enjoy this contact as cats love human companionship

Wet bathing is the easiest way to keep your cat knot free and 98% of cat enjoy it

Come down to Suma Farm Cat Hotel in Surrey and let your cat get pampered!!!