Medical Notes


There have been occasions when customers ask ‘why does my cat need to be inoculated’ so we have outlined the need for these vaccinations and also what we need in order for any cat to board with us.


Vaccination and protection from disease of cats in a cattery is very important. Anywhere where numbers of cats are kept closely together gives potential for diseases to spread. The cat viruses are very adept at this. As boarding a cat in a cattery represents a relatively high risk and therefore a special condition, it is prudent to seek a booster vaccine within the previous 12 months for FHV and FCV in this circumstance, and maximum protection may be afforded by giving a booster vaccine in the one to two months prior to entry into a boarding cattery.

All licensed catteries have to abide by these terms so don’t accept someone telling you they can board your cat after the first initial injection or without proof of vaccination.

To ensure that your cat can be boarded at Suma Farm Cat Hotel please make certain that yearly boosters are kept up to date. Any cat being vaccinated for the first time currently requires 2 injections, usually 3 weeks apart. We cannot accept your cat for boarding until after the final injection is viable in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. This is often less than 4 weeks (usually 7 – 10 days), if in doubt please ask your Vet when the vaccine can be considered to be viable.

Cat’s without current vaccinations will be turned away. We are not accountable for reminding you to inoculate your cat.