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Required Inoculations for Cattery Boarding

These Are The Required Inoculations You’ll Need to Board At Suma Farm

The Animal Welfare Act of 2018 states the required inoculations to board your cat in a cattery setting. These are imperative to prevent the spread of infectious diseases amongst animals.

When making a booking at Suma Farm Cat Hotel, you’ll need to provide us with copies of your up-to-date vaccination records.

A cat receiving its first vaccination requires two injections, usually three weeks apart. In accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions, these become viable after two weeks. Unfortunately, we cannot accept your cat for boarding until after this period.

After the initial course, your cat will require a yearly booster, which should be administered at least two weeks before entering the cattery, as this will increase the level of protection.

To ensure that your cat can be boarded at Suma Farm, please ensure your booster jabs are up to date and cover the duration of your cat’s stay. We won’t be held responsible for reminding our clients of vaccination dates. A number of vets will require a re-start of vaccinations if the booster has lapsed a year.

Where large numbers of cats are kept closely together, there is a greater the risk of disease to spread. Therefore, vaccination and protection from disease of cats in a cattery situation is very important.

Required inoculations include:

– (FPV) Feline panleukopenia virus

– (FHV) Feline herpesvirus, and

– (FCV) Feline calicivirus (FCV)

All licensed catteries are required by law to abide by these terms. As a result, Suma Farm will not accept a cat after just the first initial injection of without proof of veterinary vaccination.

Homeopathic vaccination is not acceptable. gr

Unfortunately, no booking charge refunds will be given for invalid or out of date vaccinations.

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