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The Suma Farm Cat Hotel Terms & Conditions for Cat Boarding

Updated 1st February 2022

By confirming your booking with Suma Farm Cat Hotel, these Terms & Conditions are automatically enforced and agreed to. 



We are operating in line with DEFRA’S guidelines for cattery boarding regarding COVID-19.

  • Covid restrictions have placed a limit on the number of rooms we are able to offer to clients. This is partly due to the number of trainedand qualified staff we must have on duty at one time.
  • A non-refundable deposit of 20% is due within five days of making the booking and full payment is due within 14 days before the commencement of the booking.
  • We cannot accept provisional bookings without a deposit.
  • Covid will not be accepted as a cancellation term if our service to you is una As customers are aware of the risks of cancellation at the time of booking, and/or a potential change to the current UK lockdown plan, our standard cancellation policy stands.
  • Within 14 days prior to the commencement of the booking, should the reservation be amended or cancelled for any reason other than new local/UK lockdown measures, or other UK Governmental restrictions which prevent us from providing a service to you, the boarding fee is payable and non-refundable.
  • Suma Farm Cat Hotel is a business that has not been required to close during any previous lockdown measures. We can provide you with an invoice for insurance purposes.
  • Pick up and collections must be arranged by appointment.


  • At the time of booking, a non-transferrable, non-refundable booking fee (deposit) of 20% (or minimum £20 if less) will be required to be paid within five days to secure the room. Failure to pay this deposit will lead to the room being released.
  • Minimum stay requirement of three days. For shorter stays (when agreed), you will be charged for three days.
  • A peak surcharge of £15 (per day) will be charged for Bank Holidays, Christmas Day, and Easter.
  • The full remaining boarding fee balance will be due 14 days prior to the booked arrival date.
  • Cancellations less than 14 days prior to booked arrival date will non-refundable. (The deposit will be non-refundable regardless)
  • Any subsequent charges will be charged on a final invoice on departure. (e.g. nail clipping/grooming, late collection fee, additional days)
  • Payment can be made by bank transfer to:



The Suma Farm Cat Hotel

or by phone 01932 862210 during office hours.

We accept all major credit and debit cards except American Express. We do not accept cheques or cash.

  • Boarding is charged per day (or any part of day) at the prevailing boarding rate. This includes the day of arrival and departure, irrespective of the time of arrival or departure. This allows for proper sanitization of the rooms and equipment, and to minimise the likelihood of a room not being available on your arrival, due to the previous occupant being delayed in departure.
  • When the deposit is paid and your booking is confirmed, you are agreeing to be bound by Suma Farm Cat Hotel’s Terms & Conditions of boarding.



Please continue to check our website for updates with regards to our opening timesbank holidays and festive periods can affect this.

  • Appointments can be made between:

Mon to Sat

10.00am to 12.30pm |2.00pm to 4.30pm.


10.00am to 12.00 pm

  • Arrivals and departures can only be accepted within the stated times by appointment. Collection outside of opening times will be charged at £20, if available (and by agreement only)
  • All cats must arrive and depart in a secure, escape-proof cat carrier and must remain in their carrier within the cattery premises unless in their allocated room. We will store this carrier on your behalf during your cat’s stay.
  • There will be no refund for collection of cats earlier than the booked departure date.
  • We MUST be informed of an emergency contact who would be prepared to take your cat in an emergency, which will be kept on the records. They must agree to their contact information being held by us.
  • In the event your cat is not collected within 7 days of the agreed collection date, without contact from the owner, we will attempt to contact you and your emergency contact. If no contact can be made and no new return date agreed, the cat will be considered abandoned. The cat will be rehomed at our discretion.
  • Parking – Our appointment system allows for two vehicles on the premises at one point. We are also operating a one-way system, with the exit coming out a little further down Ockham Lane. Should you not be able to park on arrival, you will be asked to wait in your car until signalled to enter the parking area.
  • The premises has an electric gate which will automatically open during office hours. It will close promptly on time and will not be opened outside of operating hours.



  • All cats must have up to date standard core vaccinations for Feline Influenza, Feline Enteritis and Leukaemia. These must have been administered at least two weeks prior to boarding, if not a timely annual booster.
  • Cats and kittens that are having their first set of injections need to have both vaccinations before boarding and allow for the manufacturer’s recommended time frame for the vaccine to become effective. This is typically 14 days.
  • An up-to-date vaccination certificate must be provided for your cat’s record prior to arrival. A cat will not be accepted without an up-to-date vaccination certificate. We require details of your registered vet to be kept on record.
  • In accordance with the Animal Welfare Act, all cats should be recently treated with a veterinary prescribed flea treatment and wormer, before they are boarded.
  • Cats that are found to have fleas or worms whilst boarding with us will be taken to Suma Farm’s veterinarian for treatment. This will incur a £20 charge from the cattery for transport and a deep chalet clean, as well as the veterinary costs. Permission for this is granted if you sign the consent form.
  • All cats must be in good health on arrival and have had no communicable disease in the past 30 days. Cats suffering of suspected to be suffering from an infectious or contagious disease will not be accepted.
  • All pre-existing conditions must be declared upon arrival. We will consult a veterinary surgeon should we feel necessary. We have your full consent to contact your veterinary surgeon in connection with this stay, for information or a veterinary report regarding your cat’s medical history and condition, during its stay, prior to and after its departure from the cattery.
  • If medication is to be administered to cats in our care, full details of storage requirements, dosage and directions must be advised and registered prior to arrival. All medication must be in clearly marked containers, labelled with the owner’s surname, the cat’s name, contents and dosage measurement and timings. You accept that medications will not be dispensed by a veterinary professional.
  • All male cats must be neutered over four months old. We reserve the right to refuse to board a pet that, in our opinion, we feel would be unsuitable to be in the boarding environment.
  • No refund will be given for cats that do not have the correct vaccinations. It is not Suma Farm's responsibility to ensure your cat is vaccinated. 


  • In the event your cat becomes ill or injured while boarding with us, we will take your cat to your own vet, if local, or our nominated vet. We will contact you or your emergency contact to authorise any treatment necessary. All incurred costs will be charged to the owner on the final invoice. Costs will include, but not be limited to; veterinary call-out fees, treatment, transportation, veterinary accommodation costs.
  • We accept no liability for any injury resulting from contact between cats from the same household who are sharing accommodation. Only cats from the same household are permitted to share a room.
  • Whilst every care is taken during your cat’s stay, your cat is boarded entirely at your own risk. We cannot be liable for illness, injury or death of any animal in our care.
  • By accepting these terms, you are authorising us to call a vet on your behalf should we consider it necessary. We have an excellent relationship with our local vet (Cobham Park Veterinary Surgery) – a visit to the vet will incur an administration and transport charge and the cost of the treatment will be at the owner’s expense.



  • If we feel that your cat presents a risk to our staff or is showing major signs of stress, which we feel is not in the cat’s best interest, we will ask you or your emergency contact to collect your cat. Your emergency contact must be happy to accept your cat if we can no longer accommodate your cat for any reason. No refund will be given should you be asked to collect your cat early.
  • We reserve the right to separate cats from the same family if we deem it necessary and to change your cat’s chalet should we find it is not suitable for their needs. If cats from the same family need to be separated and a further chalet is required, the cost of the extra chalet will apply.


  • We provide a standard range of cat food included in the boarding fees.
  • Should you require to bring your own food we request you provide enough food for your cat for the full length of the stay. Food should be in a rodent proof, cleanable, clearly labelled container.
  • There will be no discount for bringing your own food. You will be asked to provide clear instructions on the amount, type and frequency of feeding required which will be added to your cat’s records.
  • You may bring your cats own bed or any toys should you wish. While we take as much care as possible of all your belongings, we will not be held responsible for any lost or damaged items. Please provide a written list of all items you have brought into the cattery for return on collection of the cat. *
    • As of March 2020, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we are unable to accept any of the cat’s belongings. The exception is its carrier, food and medication. Suma will supply bedding, beds, toys and scratch posts for the cat’s use.


  • The following data is kept on file for each client:
    1. Name
    2. Address
    3. Contact Number
    4. Email Address
    5. Veterinary Clinic
    6. Pet Details
  • We do not store payment details
  • We do not share your data with any third party, nor do we use it for marketing purposes. We will only contact you regarding your booking.
  • The data is held securely in our booking system. Information regarding yourself and your cat will be displayed on the chalet door during your cat’s stay. This is vital in case we need to contact you in an emergency.
  • Our consent form for your cat’s stay also includes a section for the use of photographs on our website and social media. We only use the cat’s name and do not ‘tag’ people in our posts.

We reserve the right to change the Terms and Conditions and boarding rates at any time.

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